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Tuah Mhee Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

The Curious Case of Tuah Mhee:

While on her winter tour starlet Tuah Mhee mysteriously vanished. You were childhood friends and are concerned about where she has gone and what has happened. Polly, Tuah’s publicist, Broke into Tuah’s room and collected as many things as she could. She did this because she believes you (her closest friends) can figure out what really happened to her…there is only one catch, she needs to get the things back to where she got them before Tuah’s mother discovers they are missing. She figures you have about an hour. Can you find the clues that will lead to the whereabouts of Miss Mhee before her abusive mother returns?


Entombed: To have deposited in or as if in a tomb…buried

The year is 1862. Rose and Rusty Peachtree are in a desperate situation. What will they do? Did they survive? 

Information you found while searching one of your families properties, and stumbling onto a mine (obviously long forgotten about), gets you wondering about your own legacy. 

The mine is filled with puzzles, as if someone didn’t want others to find out about something! You and your friends can’t resist trying to solve the puzzles and see what secrets might be buried here.

Unfortunately for you, time was not kind and you discover just as you enter that there is something wrong with the air in the mine. You hurry and grab what you can and begin solving the puzzles. At about an hour of trying to solve them you notice that your breathing is extremely labored. If you do not get help immediately you will find the mine to be your resting place as well.

Gone Fishin'

A powerful amulet once used to cure all manner of illness and pain, but at a great cost, was locked and hidden away from the world by the very priest that was said to have given it its power.

Now in the present day, you have found this box on your fishing trip. You’ll have to figure out the secret held by the Priest to open it. Will you take the amulet or destroy it for good?

Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

Don't Go In The Basement

Curiosity killed the cat, will it take you too? The Keeper knows this better than anyone else. While he maintains the apartments he warns everyone, “Don’t look in the Basement.” What is he hiding? Why can’t we go in the basement? What is stopping us from looking? The call is too strong to resist and you and your friends break into the basement. Will you get back out before it is too late?

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Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

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