Mini Games

We bring mini escape games to your event.
These mini adventures can be scheduled for periods of time ranging from 1-8 hours.
Each mini game is $90and can run from 1-6 people at at time.

You can book multiple games for the same time!

CALL or EMAIL for more options

Mini Game

The Protectors of Aigroeg!

Behold, the mystical totem, harbinger of unimaginable power, standing as the last bastion of defense for your world against the relentless onslaught of external forces seeking to conquer it. Once, there existed five valiant guardians who stood as sentinels of this precious artifact. Alas, now only one remains, a solitary figure determined to seek out the successors worthy of taking up this noble charge.

But, my friend, do you possess the fortitude, the unwavering spirit, and the indomitable will to endure the trials that await? Will you rise above the rest and prove yourself as the chosen one, destined to become the next Protector? Time is of the essence, for the hourglass of destiny continues to drain.

Within the crucible of these trials lie the ultimate tests of courage, wisdom, and strength. They demand your utmost resolve and demand your every fiber to conquer them. It is not a path for the faint-hearted or the weak-willed. Only those who possess an unyielding determination, a burning passion, and an unbreakable spirit can hope to emerge victorious.

So I ask you, brave soul, are you prepared to embark on this perilous journey? Are you ready to push the boundaries of your capabilities, to face adversity head-on, and to transcend the limitations of your mortal form? The clock is ticking, and the call of destiny beckons.

The Dollhouse Mini Game

As the weight of curiosity settles upon your shoulders, an unexpected inheritance from your ambiguous neighbor befalls you. A small drawer set materializes before your eyes, accompanied by a cryptic note that unravels the depths of your clandestine connection:

In this twilight of anticipation, the dormant truths hover like specters, their whispers beckoning you towards a realm where the past merges with the present, where forgotten fragments unite to form a harrowing tapestry of revelation. Will you summon the courage to delve into the depths of the dollhouse’s perplexity, or will the secrets remain forever entombed, their truths forever elusive? The choice, my friend, lies within your trembling hands.

A serial killer escape room game
An Alien themed escape room

Desert Phenomenon!

Your buddies and you were headed out for your first boondocking experience in the great outdoors. Everyone was buzzing with excitement about this new experience, but what you found is nowhere what you had expected… An almost invisible opening in the side of a hill called out to all of you. Curiosity, not being able to be contained, you decide to search around. You came upon some old locked boxes!

Just what did you uncover? What mystery did you discover? Will you live to tell about it?

Conflicted Mini Game

Deep within the shadows of enigmatic woods, Dr. Markus Linum, once an esteemed scholar, had fallen victim to a fateful bite, transfiguring him into a formidable Lycanthrope. Driven by an unwavering determination, he embarked on a perilous quest to harness his expertise in genetic splicing and botanical remedies, seeking to unravel the sinister threads of this affliction that had befallen him and countless others. Whispers of his promising breakthroughs echoed through the realm, but silence shrouded his existence for nearly seventeen haunting months.

Now, summoned by the call of duty, you tread the path to his secluded abode in those very woods. What will you unearth within the dwelling of this tormented scholar? Will you stumble upon arcane journals, scribbled with revelations? Or shall you find remnants of a struggle against an insidious enemy, lurking in the shadows? Only your arrival can unveil the mysteries that lie dormant, beckoning you further into this realm of half-light and half-truths.

But be forewarned, for the woods guard their secrets jealously, and peril lurks in every step you take. Will you find Dr. Linum, consumed by his relentless quest, or will you too succumb to the treacherous claws of the unknown? The answers that await may propel you deeper into a realm of darkness, uncertainty, and the eternal question of whether one can ever truly return from the abyss of the enigmatic.

Mini Game

Trapped Mini Game

Help-Help-Help me please someone, anyone. I feel like I have eyes watching me and the quick beating of my heart causes terror to burn through my veins. I begin to run, but they are faster…almost as though I were standing still.

They are now surrounding me, I am screaming, “stop don’t hurt me” and then…

What just happened??

Siren's Revenge Mini Game

Shiver me timbers! Avast ye scurvy pirates…

Ye are a faithful band of pirates when it comes to loyalty to yer Cap’n. He’s been taken by a Siren and she has threatened to send him (and all ye picaroons) to Davey Jones Locker if ye not be returnin’ to her what be hers. Ye have checked the ship from stern to bow with nothing found. Because yer Cap’n was once a privateer ye know he lived on land and have made yer way there under cover of the night. Ye are running out of time, can ye find the missing item in the dwelling of yer crazy Cap’n before it is too late? Do not think of hornswaggling the siren for she’ll give no guarter to ye she’ll not hesitate to send ye to a watery grave as well. Best be hurrin’, there is only an hour left, be swift!

A Pirate escape room

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