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Tuah Mhee Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

The Siren's Revenge!

Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me...

You and your crew followed the orders of your Captain and did what you do best- Steal! This time you have taken something that will bring the wrath of the Siren that owns what you have stolen. She has already turned your Captain to stone and she leaves you with a warning, "You must return to me what is mine or suffer your own fate. 

Are you up for the Adventure?

Entombed Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

Desert Phenomenon!

Your buddies and you were headed out for your first boondocking experience in the great outdoors. Everyone was buzzing with excitement about this new experience, but what you found is nowhere what you had expected... An almost invisible opening in the side of a hill called out to all of you. Curiosity, not being able to be contained, you decide to search around. You came upon some old locked boxes!

Just what did you uncover? What mystery did you discover? Will you live to tell about it?

Gone Fishin Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

The Dollhouse

You have just inherited the most unusual thing from your neighbor that you didn't even know... A small drawer set was delivered to you along with a note that said:

I knew when I gave you the dollhouse that you would be the perfect one to keep my secrets. Even I didn't know you would keep them for 25 years. If you can solve my dollhouse you will know all. Unknowingly your friend.

What secrets have you been keeping?

Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

The Dinner Guest

30 minutes and you can claim victory over staying the entire night in the most haunted place known to your town. While patting yourself on the back you hear laughter, a rush of wind comes through and all the curtains and doors close. The doors lock and an invitation appears on a table inviting you to be dinner, but your hosts like to play so they have made it possible for you to leave if you can just figure it out.

Do you have what it takes?

We bring mini escape games to your event. These mini adventures can be scheduled for periods of time ranging from 1-8 hours. Each mini game runs approximately 30 minutes and are good for 1-6 players. 

Pricing: 1-2 games $200/hour  •  3-4 games $420/hour  •  5-6 games $700/hour


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Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

The Protectors of Aigroeg

A magical totem holds the power that defends your world (along with the Protectors) from outside sources hoping to overtake it. There were once 5 such guardians of the item, but now there is only 1. She is searching for the next generation of worthy guardians. 

Do you have what it takes to pass the trials within the allotted time to become the next PROTECTOR?

Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase


Help-Help-Help me please someone, anyone. I feel like I have eyes watching me and the quick beating of my heart causes terror to burn through my veins. I begin to run, but they are faster…almost as though I were standing still.

They are now surrounding me, I am screaming, “stop don’t hurt me” and then…

What just happened??

Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

Witches Switches (Kids 4-7)

Oh my, can you help me find my daughter? The Witches Switches have turned her into a frog and I have been searching for days. I have found many frogs, but not her.

Please I need your help before the time grows too late and the spell on her can no longer be reversed. Hurry, there is only 30 minutes left! I know you can do it.

Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase


Dr. Markus Linum was bitten, and now is a Lycanthrope. He is determined to use his knowledge in genetic splicing and herbal healing to rid himself and others of this grievous mutation. He had reported promising results, but has not been heard from in about 17 months. You have been sent to his home in the woods to get some answers from him and aid him in his work if needed. 

What will you discover when you arrive, and will you return?

Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

Santa’s Christmas Commotion

You think the North Pole is buzzing on Christmas Day, but the residents look forward to today! This is when Santa’s Village comes to life! With all the games, festivities, food, competitions, and the announcement of the new Head Elf. Have you ever seen a penguin marching band? Seen a reindeer pyramid? Tasted cinnamon hot chocolate with a dash of Christmas magic?

Now is your chance! Come see how the North Pole celebrates as our VIP detectives! The magic rocks that make the reindeer fly (and even turn invisible) have been displaced, and we only have 30 minutes before Santa’s first test flight and the kick off to our pre-Christmas celebrations!! We know you're the team that can get it done.

Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

Kidnapped: The Jack Frost Story

This just in... Jack Frost has been taken from the North Pole. Young Frost is known for his mischievous nature and love of life. We are in need of a search party to help us discover what has happened and hopefully find Jack. If interested contact Fuzzle Phase ASAP! 

Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

Cocoa Chaos

Everyone, even choclate haters, want to get their hands on the "secret" ingredient used at the Creamy Puff in their delicious hot chocolate. Mr. Choco knows you are all after it, but you will need to convince Sugar Bon Round Skirt and Peppermint that you deserve to have it. Come searching as chaos explodes and laughter erupts in the small town of Barefoot Bog while Mr. Choco is away!!

Don't Go in The Basement Mobile Escape Room At Fuzzle Phase

Christmas Shake Up

Miss Stiletto Heels is a hard working, energetic individual that has made it to the top in everything she has tried. Now that she is at the top she is realizing EVERYTHING she has given up to get there like family, friends, Christmas and so much more. Come join Stiletto as she rediscovers the magic and joy of Christmas with those that she loves most. Will she find the Christmas Spirit and learn to hold close to her heart the things and people that matter the most in time for the holiday?

Single run Mini Adventure good for 1 to 6 people $80

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