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Fuzzle Phase was created when we discovered that we were in the fun puzzle phase of our lives!

We love creating puzzles and games and had been using our “talents” to create themes and puzzles at escape rooms such as Impossible Escape. When Covid started wreaking havoc on the escape room industry we watched as so many brick and mortar rooms started to close. We were saddened, for the communities that lost them and for the owners. We decided to find a way to make the escape rooms “mobile”. Not “we need a trailer or fancy huge rig to put the room into”, but mobile. What does this mean to the players?

Well… we fall somewhere between the luxury of ordering a boxed escape game online or buying one in the store and actually going to an escape room. Let me list a few of the pros and cons. You heard me right I will list some of the cons (there are not many). We will start with the cons because we like to end on a positive note, so here you go.

 Cons: Obviously there are no secret hidden rooms or sliding bookcases, so no surprises to be had there.

 The decor is mostly whatever you see when you look around the location you have choose regardless of whether or not we are there. Absolutely you will see some changes, but you will not see the inside of a submarine or a crypt.

 Pros: You get 100% of your Adventure Guides attention. We are not watching and instructing other rooms as you play or checking in our next booking. You are the most important and only focus of your Adventure Guide.

 There are physical tasks given that you need to complete sometimes in order to move on to your next puzzle (that are part of a puzzle) that your Adventure Guide leads you through or plays a part in.

 Your Adventure Guide is not sitting behind a computer being your Game Master, instead they are part of the story and interact with you during game play.

 Unlike boxed puzzle games you do not need to look up a vague clue on the internet, have a special log in and password to find the next place to look, or wonder if you have all the pieces. Your Adventure Guide guides you through the experience and helps you when needed.

 If you have a large group of 40-100 many brick and mortar rooms just can not accommodate, but we can.

 We love what we do, we love being a part of the events, celebrations, proposals, summer camps, family reunions, fairs, gender reveals, work offices and all the other things that people have found to include us in. We believe that logic, puzzles, and adventure are fundamental in brain function, learning about those we live with, work with, go to church with etc.., and help us find different and unique ways to solve problems.

 This is why we created Fuzzle Phase, hopefully you will invite us to get to know you better by booking your next adventure today!

(770) 609-8738

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